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IR codes for GC100
No no no - the approved method that dean created is buried in this forum somewhere.

It took me ages to find it the first time, but here it is

Quote:1. Create some directory somewhere, call it wantever, IRRepo
2. Under that, create sub-directories, USB-UIRT, GlobalCache, and R2DI.
3. Under the USB-UIRT directory, create per-manufacturer directories, e.g. Sony, Denon, etc... for any IR models you create.
4. Put your .IRExport files into there (which you exported out from the UIRT driver)
5. Open the CQC Command Prompt from the start menu.
6. Type GenIRRepo X:\Whatever, where X:\Whatever is the path to the IRRepo directory you created above.

It will iterate through all the directories under the USb-UIRT directory. When it's done, you will find the GC and R2DI formats under their respective directories in the same per-manufacturer directories.

Dean - please add this to the IR section on your web site as this has come up a few times now and obviously you have forgotten all about it as well.
This worked great. Copying from text file worked too but this was smooth, without errors. The only caveat is the new directory must be named IRRepo, anything else it will not work.

The hope was to get rid of that requirement and let any of the other ones import a device model from the UIRT. I could have sworn I did that, but maybe not.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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