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Some major C-Bus help needed

First things first. I’ve installed a very small C-Bus system in our house. At the moment this system consists of the following:

5500PS - Power Supply
5884D1L2AA,GF – C-Bus Wireless 4 Button 2 Channel Leading Edge 1A Dimmer
5800WCGA – C-Bus Wireless Gateway
5500PC – RS232 C-Bus PC Interface

The dimmer is located in our Theater room, the other C-Bus equipment is stored in an equipment closet along with the CQC Master Server. I’ve connected the C-Bus PC Interface to the CQC MS using an RS232 cable and, using the C-Bus toolkit, I’ve confirmed the system is operational and I’ve set up my C-Bus wired and wireless networks so all the units are there and talking to each other.

Ultimately what I’d like to do is use CQC to send a command to the C-Bus system along the lines of this.

Switch the front set of lights (let’s call them channel 1) in the theater off, let the back set of lights (say, channel 2) dim down to 20% over 30 seconds and then switch off.

Give or take a little this is ideally what I’d like to have happen when I start a movie. However, I’ve no idea about how to set this up, where to set this kind of control up (in C-Bus or in CQC), whether this is even possible, and if it is, how to do it.

I’ve read through a number of the C-Bus documents and it looks a lot can be done using the toolkit software, but I’ve no idea how to tie all this together with CQC using the C-Bus driver (which I don’t have by the way). Is there someone out there who can answer all my questions, some of my questions, point me in the right direction, or at least get me started?

BTW…I’m currently using CQC v 2.4.46.

As always, I’m grateful for any help in this little project of mine.
Quote:Give or take a little this is ideally what I’d like to have happen when I start a movie.

Firstly, how does CQC know when a movie starts?
Will you press a button on a remote that will start the movie (lights dim, projector/TV comes on, input changes, DVD player/media center starts playing), or will the DVD player going into play mode indicate that the movie has started or ....

Toolkit is just the software to configure C-bus, so its not done there, its done in the dimmers and key inputs. CQC can also do it for you. You are going to have to use CQC as well if you don't do it all there.

More info on how you have everything connected with CQC will be needed (not just the lights).

PM me for my e-mail address and I will help you out.

pm sent! :-)

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