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Good Practices Question (for driver's development)
If the goal is to add a feature to an existing/released CML driver and create a development version. could somebody list the order of opeation using the DriverTestHarnes, Manifest files, modifying from System to User, coping the code from the Macro window, saving.....

I have done it before in various ways and I always find I don't perform the right steps in the correct order and it's a source for confusion.

I couldn't find this "good practices" order in any of the driver development docs.
I second that. I've done it before but couldn't tell you how I did it and what is copied and placed where.
I think the general steps would be...

1.) Copy the macro file and manifest file to User
2.) Edit the manifest to:
...a.) reference the new macro path under user
...b.) append -DEV to the driver name and model
3.) Open the file in the test harness and change the macro's path reference to the new one.
4.) Save it and verify it compiles ok
5.) Develop away...
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You shouldn't actually copy the macro file. Just change the manifest, open the manifest, let it create the new file, then copy the original driver into the new one. It's best never to try and play any tricks behind CQC's back. Let it create files and such. You never know how a file might be tied to its location.
Dean Roddey
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I followed Wuench steps with Dean's improvement and expected to see both two driver when trying to Add a drivers with the Admin but don't see the -Dev driver. Just the original

The steps I took were:

1.) Copy the manifest file to the User directory
2.) Edit the manifest to:
...a.) reference the new macro path under user
...b.) append -DEV to the driver name and model
3.) Open the original file in the harness and save the in the test in the macro window
4). Open the modify file from the User directory, let the harness create a new template
5.) Copy and saved old code and change the macro's path reference to the new one.
6.) Save it and verify it compiles ok
7.) Develop away...

Tried to load the -Dev driver but didn' see it in the list.

Any ideas? I must doing something wrong
It's not going to show up until you either:

1. Put the manifest in the [cqc]\CQCData\DataServer\Manifests\User\ directory on the master server, and cyle the machine


2. Create a driver pack and import it, which will do the above for you. It'll also overwrite the macro, but that's OK since the contents will be the same.

For a developer working on the driver, #1 is usually easier. Also be sure to change the short description in the manfiest to include something that indicates it's the development version, since that's what shows up in the list.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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