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Insteon Triggering Question
I need to automate my server room for airflow / cooling / ventillation. Basically, I am installing a big fan that I would like to automate to turn on and off when the temperature gets too hot in the room.

I am installing the fan by connecting it to an Insteon controlled outlet. I am aware of various temperature sensor options (well, somewhat aware), but I like this product for temperature monitoring:

I like the visible nature and ease of use to read the temperature. It connects to an Insteon I/O device that will trigger at a high temp or low temp. I will set it up to send an Insteon signal when the sensor hits the high temp.

Here is my question: Sure, I can have the Insteon outlet read the signal without CQC and turn 'on' when the high temp is reached. And, the insteon outlet will turn 'off' once the high temp signal is no longer present. In this scenerio, there is no CQC involvement. It is simple device to device signalling.

But, I want the fan to turn on for like an hour to get the temp down 5 or 10 degrees, and THEN turn off. This way, the fan cycles only a few times a day, instead of on and off every hour or so (because if i only go device to device without CQC, the fan will turn on at 80, then off at 79, and when the temp hits one degree higher it will turn on again. This will cycle alot). If i have the fan turn on for an hour, it will take the temp down to 70, and then when it eventually hits 80 again, the fan will turn on for an hour.

I have the Insteon CQC driver working on my system. Can i have CQC monitor for the temperature trigger, i.e., monitor the Insteon ID for the Insteon I/O device, and then when it receives it, send an insteon trigger to the insteon outlet to turn on for 1 hour? How would I do this in CQC, if it is possible at all?

Is there an easier way to do this?


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