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How To: Install Logitech Squeezebox Receiver without Controller (WinXP)
jkish Wrote:Shouldn't have to install SC on the master server or on WinXp.

So you got the white light on the SBR?

If so, I think that it means that the SBR has contacted the SC server.

Did you pull down the combo box at the top right of the SC Web interface that says choose player?
i ended up just using my xp machine. used xp machine to configure the sbr and then loaded sc on the xp machine. i have sbr working with sc. next step is to install cqc driver and try to integrate with cqc. hoping that sc not being on master server will work.
well, i got the xmradio plugin to work with the sbr. on to integrating the sbr and cqc.

edit: sometimes i am finding that squeezecenter does not see the sbr after it has been running for a while (1hr?). i could not find the "PIN" when installing. might this be my issue? where is the PIN?

my solution to SC not seeing the SBR is to cycle power to the SBR. looking for better solution.
I had a similar problem to the one you describe. I think it had to do with something out of order in the instructions above, which resulted in SC not reconnecting to the SBR if it lost the connection (on reboot or whatever). I started over on the SBR and was able to get it working. The second time, I could tell something was different because more fields auto-populated in the perl script thingie.
SamVimes2 Wrote:I could not get it to work in vista x64 or x86.

One year later, I finally solved this problem. according to this post, the uses a flaky method of determining the local IP address. You can force it manually by executing the script with an argument:

scripts/ --local-address a.b.c.d

This + disabling the windows firewall worked for me in Win7.

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