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Anyone use CBus inputs for other things?
Hi, I wondered if anyone had relaibly used say CBus DLT inputs for things like volume ?

I had a go at mapping a scene level to my denon volume control, but from what i remember it ment converting floats to integers, and some sums to make the values work out, and then i had to write the value back to the cbus, and it was very hit and miss.

anyone else done something similar ?

I tried it once, to ramp the volume up or down of my LG TV via a C-bus input through CQC but there were problems and it was not as clean as I had hoped.

The only other things I do are open and close garage doors through the M1 via C-bus and use one as a trigger for shutting down the house at night.

From what I understand, you want to have a key input set up as a dimmer and the group level will set the volume level on the amp (which is what I tried). I don't remember having to convert integers to floats but it was a long time ago now

One issue I had was that the group level would quickly go to 100% and then down again, causing the TV to go to full volume briefly.

yep had to do some tweaks to the ramp settings to stop it doing to min and max... it was just too slow and clunky...

I may have another go... it would be cool to use them as on / off volume in the bedrooms...

I use a couple of buttons for triggers such as all off and that works fine.

Maybe i'm wanting too much ?
I find that C-Bus inputs are good for triggering events and not much more. Ramping is not crash hot for controlling other devices.

You may be able to use it to set temps etc if you are using a DLT where you get visual feedback from the switch.


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