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Press a button to make a sound on a different PC?
isn't there an ExecRemoteApp command, so you could just start the app ctrl server on that PC?
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123 Wrote:What about: net send BasementPC "You are needed upstairs."
BasementPC will beep and display the message in a dialog box.

You'll need to activate the Messenger service on the transmitting and receiving PCs.

Well, I found the service, but when i tried to start it, I got:

"Could not start the Messenger service on Local Computer. Error 126: The specified module could not be found."

So I'm guessing it's not on this OS image.
IVB Wrote:isn't there an ExecRemoteApp command, so you could just start the app ctrl server on that PC?

So basically execute, what, Windows media player, to play? I removed WMP from the install just to save room, but I could put it back on.
So Dean...if I have an action setup that will use System:TonguelayWAV()...which system will that wav be played on?

When I put that action on a button and clicked on it, the wav played on the client PC I was on. But if the action is the result of a trigger event...then does it play on the master server? And if that's the case, then that means you'll have to make sure the path is for a wav file that master server can find, right?

I'd like to add some little dings and chimes when my system needs to let me know something. It's too bad you can't add sounds to a repository like you can images, so that you can use them anywhere in the CQC environment...
It will be played on the system where the action is actually run. The only exception being the RIVA clients, where the action is run on the server but the command is forwarded to the clients.
Dean Roddey
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Ok, then that should work for making a "ding" sound on the main server when something like an email comes in. good. Still doesn't solve my problem which prompted this thread, but it does solve a different problem.

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