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Need some help from some Nuvo GC owners
NishanF Wrote:I've use the driver and zone 6 works fine for me. Can you use the field browser to turn on/off the field. When you setup the driver, did you indicate 6 zones (I'm sure you did, but just checking). Any erorr messages logged?

Thanks for the suggestions. Would have done this earlier but got caught up in a few things.

I have 8 zones set up. Double checked just to make sure. The field browser does turn on/off the field, but nothing happens on the Nuvo GC. So if I do it for zone 5 I can hear a click and a little green light goes on. If I do it for zone 6 there is nothing. How do I check to see if error messages were logged?

Vivek, I have not hooked up any keypads, nor have I tried. Waste of $$ but wife said no to installing them. I'm not sure I could even figured that out at this stage.

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Need some help from some Nuvo GC owners - by IVB - 06-03-2009, 04:40 PM
Need some help from some Nuvo GC owners - by wolverines - 06-11-2009, 04:30 AM

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