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Macro to generate on-the-fly playlists
I wanted to have a way to generate persistent playlists from the interface viewer, and this macro is my first attempt at accomplishing this. Once you generate a playlist for your media player, running this macro will generate a file containing those cookies. You can then run the macro again and read the cookies back in.

The macro takes three String parameters

1. moniker of the audio renderer that has the playlist
2. Filename to read or write the cookies to
3. Command: "W" to write the cookies, "R" to read.

So for example

(CQCAudio, playlist1, R) or (CQCAudio, playlist1, W).

You need to create a Playlists directory in the CQCData/MacroFileRoot directory on each computer where the interface viewer runs. This is one quirk of macros through the action system, as they can only access the file system on the local computer.

1. As I said above, each computer running the interface viewer needs to have its own Playlist directory. Thus playlists are unique to each interface viewer.

2. If you reload and change the repository, the cookies will change and the playlists will not be accurate (as expected I suppose).

So it's a start, but not perfect. Maybe the next version could use the variable driver and write the cookies to a stringlist field...

Obviously the best solution would be native support per Dean (hint, hint)!

Give it a whirl and let me know.

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dude, sweet! Great timing too, after months/years of no parties, i've got another shindig coming up on 8/1 (3rd in 6 months). This'll give me time to actually finish up some stuff and get this working.
Some of my devices: Sonos, Aeotec zWave, Nest, Rain8Net, Various H/T
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