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Official RIVA thread
I am now running .16 release and 1.09 of taRiva. Phone I am working with is an HTC EVO LTE connecting via WiFi

After rebooting everything due to the .16 upgrade I tested my taRiva connection it worked as expected. Prior to connected I turned on the log monitor for observation. Upon the initial taRiva connection the only thing logged, again as expected, was in increase in the high water mark.

I then left taRiva up and switched to another application which I used for approximately 5 minutes and then returned to taRiva I saw packet sequence and exception errors being logged. taRiva was unresponsive.

I rebooted the phone and was able to connect immediately to CQC via taRiva.

I exited taRiva via the exit command and then tried to go back in at which point errors were again showing up in the CQC log.

At this point after the 2nd phone reboot taRiva will not connect to CQC.

Logsnap attached. logcat from android phone (after 2nd reboot) emailed directly to Fonceur


I can confirm the clean exit, won't reconnect behavior on a 2nd phone. taRiva starts up and, in this case, went to the initial template but after that no template activity/interaction possible, just a spinning circle at the bottom. (this on a Galaxy Nexus, android 4.04)


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Definitely looks like some strange networking issues, which is causing failed communications. The server is complaining that it's getting out of sequence packets and recycling the connection to get the client to start over, but it seems like the client is continuing onwards.

Fonceur, it looks like maybe if you are in the login attempt sequeunce that you aren't catching a failed connection and resetting your sequence number perhaps? If anything goes awry during the login, probably best to close the socket, and start over to make sure that things stay in sync?
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Dean Roddey Wrote:Fonceur, it looks like maybe if you are in the login attempt sequeunce that you aren't catching a failed connection and resetting your sequence number perhaps?
Probably, I'll need to check how I'm handling it.
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