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[FOR SALE] UPB, Insteon, Z-Wave, Thin Client, Web Tablet
I'm clearing out some under or unused stuff. All prices include free shipping to continental US, buy 2 get $5.00 off, buy 3 get $10.00, etc.

1 - 2414U Insteon PowerLinc USB, ~4 years old, works fine no issues -- $45
3 - 2442 Insteon SignalLinc's, ~2 and 4 years old, work fine, no issues -- $10 each

All of the Insteon items are used, I started out with Insteon but have since switched to UPB

[Image: index.php?act=attach&type=post&id=2423]

3 - RZ106-1ZX Vizia RF Z-Wave Dimmers, ~2 years old, work fine, no issues -- $40 each
1 - RZCPG-SG Vizia RF Z-Wave Controller, ~2 years old, upgraded model with timer -- $100
1 - HA22 Intermatic Z-Wave USB Controller, ~2 years old -- $20

These are the original Vizia RF dimmers with the vertical indicator lights, worked great in my house, I just didn't get enough of them before they switched over to the new Vizia RF style which I don't like.

[Image: index.php?act=attach&type=post&id=2425]

Some things I'm looking for possibly in trade, HAI Items: Generation 2 UPB items, Dimmers, keypads, lamp modules.

Please let me know if you have any questions on any of the items.

does the zwave stuff require a ground?
Yes the switches require ground (green), but not neutral (white).
I'd be interested in working out a deal for the thin client. I have several brand new Omnistats (not the new Omnistat II) in various models, as well as some other HAI hardware. I also have lots of SA UPB stuff. No HAI parts, but for lamp modules. I/O, etc. that wouldn't really matter.
I'd like to work something out for the tablet.

I have several models of Omnistats that were bought for jobs and not used. I also have a couple simply automated UPB I/O modules. Sorry no HAI UPB; i just installed 130 of them on a job and used all I had. If there is anything else you are interested in let me know and i will see what i have. Having been in the business for many years I have lots of left-overs laying around.

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