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Brultech ECM-1240 Home Energy Monitor Driver (Development)
fyi - For those looking to do cost calculations, I put some cost calculations for the straightline (flat rate billing) in my dataloger driver thread

Any questions about that please keep in my thread.

Right now I have a running 7/30 day cost calculations but sometime later this weekend I will add more info on how you can add the last bill date so the calculation of cost since the last bill can be added.
Rich, thanks for taking on that challenge of extracting cost from the db. That's fantastic! I hope to take advantage of that myself as soon as I have the time. db's scare me, for some reason....

I'm working now on a "unified" driver for the brultech devices that will be able to handle the 1220, 1240, standalone, multi-devices, and data forwarding from the engine.

As such, the previous means of being able to name your channels and aux's is going to have to go away. It's impossible to do the same thing given that there could be 5 1240's in a single connection. That's 35 custom names. Ick.

So instead, here's my plans. It will go to the standard Ch1, Ch2, Aux1, Aux2, etc naming, and the device ID will be prepended to the field name. It may not be pretty, but it's the only way I can think of to let you distinguish which fields are which, and will operate perfectly no matter how the devices are hooked up.

I'm still working on this, but that's my plan anyway. I'm certainly open to suggestions on a better way.
Any ETA on the new driver? I've got 3 ECM-1240s setup and working great through the dashboard, just woud love to have the data in CQC screens.
It's in progress. It's essentially a completely new driver, but borrows sections of code from the previous ones. I'll be starting a new thread when it's ready for, depending on how busy the wife makes me.
With Sunday being the guess is that it is all over for the weekend! :-)
Dave Bruner
In between admonitions of love, I managed to find time to post the new driver. It works for me with a 1220 and 1240 via Data forwarding on the engine, so give it a try.

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