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Sony DVP-CX777ES 400-DVD Changer
I have a DVP-CX777ES that I am no longer planning to use.

There are a couple of minor cosmetic scuffs on the unit, but it works perfectly, including CQC control via RS232 Serial.

I paid about $400 for it. My plan is to list it on the Seattle area craiglist for $325 OBO, and if it doesn't move there, to move on to ebay. This seems in line with going ebay rates (

Remote is included. Unit is Silver. Can take pictures if necessary (and eventually will.)

Sony page -
Useful page Smile -

Happy to consider reasonable offers from CQC afficionados. Note that these are fairly large, somewhat heavy units, so shipping would probably be in $30-$50 range inside the US. (That's a bit of a WAG, but seems to fit my memory of it being shipped to me.) Shipping will be actual shipping cost via buyer's choice of trackable shipper. Local pickup welcome.

I also have a black Sony DVP-CX985V 400 Disc changer. The 985 apparently have some fancier processing, but they lack serial control, requiring IR (remote included). I'd happily take $200 + shipping for it, offers also considered.
FYI, when I took my 777 to the UPS store, they wanted $100-$150 for shipping to the east coast, plus more for boxing it. They claimed it was an "oversize" box. I didn't have the original box, though, that could have hurt the cause.
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