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DT Research 366, WCE, wireless 8" TP, CHEAP!
I've got one for sale, that I will sell. It isn't posted yet. It won't work for me as the wireless card in these won't support WPA, so I can't connect it to my network and I'm not willing to open up my network.

I bought it specifically for the new RIVA but without it being able to connect it won't work for me.

What OS is it running and how is the battery life on it? you dont happen to have a charging cradle as well do you?
It's running CE5. I have no idea on the battery life as I've only played around with it a bit but never any long tests. No cradle, just unit, battery, adapter, and some funky plastic handles.

I'd sell it 110 shipped to continental US. Basically what I paid for it.
Mike I saw you bought one of these, how is it working out? I was looking at the DT360 that is around 259 on ebay in red as well.
It would be awesome if it had some form of xp on it. The one I bought has ce 5.0. has some decent information on how to reflash these with an xpe image but I have yet to get an image to compile so I can install it. If anyone has a trial image they would like to share that would be great. It works great with my squeezebox and sage web interfaces. Shoot me a pm if you want to know anything else.

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