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Read failed on port
Dean, any additional info on what would cause this error:

[EXCEPTION] Read failed on /Local/COM20. Port Err: {Frame}

I'm seeing weird things from the data....just occasional bytes are getting screwed up. Unfortunately, this protocol doesn't have any checksum... so I have to handle these somehow. But I was hoping this error message might shed some light on what's going on.
That's generally a sign of incorrect settings on one side or the other or a bad cable or something of that sort, they are getting out of synch with each other wrt to the interpretation of the pulses that define a transmitted byte. Each byte transmitted is considered a 'frame', the start, stop, data, and any parity bits. If the two sides are out of sync in some way at the low serial port signaling level, you can get frame errors.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Well, that would certainly explain the randomly botched characters i'm getting (0x04 instead of 0x44).

Hmm...I'll look over the connection details again...I hope the device itself isn't getting flakey.

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