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What is the best way to change buttons on a tool bar?
when making a dynamic tool bar where the buttons change based on the current screen, is it better to hide the buttons that are not in use and unhide them when the screen is loaded, or is it better to make an overlay over the area where the toolbar is and load a different toolbar overlay for each screen?

I am making a new interface and I started out hiding buttons, but it is making less and less sense the more screens I develop.

Just looking for opinions.

The overlay scenario is going to bite you because you cannot target any other widgets outside of the overlay, with the exception in the latest betas of the LoadSiblingOverlay command that allows you to load an overlay that is a sibling of the overlay that contains the button pressed.

If all you need to do (in terms of interacting with other widgets) from those toolbar buttons is to load some other overlay, then you'd be ok doing that.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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