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Page not found on web server
I am having trouble getting a CQC client machine to load an html page that is stored on the web server (different machine) using the browser widget. I am using the following format for the initial address in the widget:


I am using the actual server name in place of "masterserver" in the address. It is hitting the server, but it is giving me a 404 page not found error. I am wondering if this is due to the fact that my CQC server (and CQC web server) are loaded on my Microsoft SBS Server which also has a web server running. Do I need to put the html files in a different directory instead of the CQC html directory?

Is there a different format I can use for the URL to include the specific directory, not just the server name?

Any help would be appreciated.

Never mind. I just realized that when I did the install, I didn't select port 80 since the other web server was running. I added the port number after the master server name and it is working fine. I am using the format:


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