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Datanab driver
Hi all, I can see on the list of drivers the driver for Datanab, has anyone here got hands on with these systems and the driver. Any pitfalls that I should look out for?
Its not my job to fix everything, just to get everything fixed.
Toymaster is the original datanabber. However, I have an Ai32 and I wrote the driver, so I guess I can respond.

I loves it. It monitors several doors, HVAC temp, water temps and current to a pump. Someday I hope to get a humidity sensor too.

The only pitfall, if you'd call it that, is that the response times for the dry contacts are very slow....on the order of 5+ seconds for me. Of course, these are analog inputs, not digital, so its a delay I can live with. I only put doors and contacts on it where I don't require immediate notification.
Great news, I am looking to monitor temps and activate pumps in response, any pitfalls in the driver install and any chance of a general over view.
5 or so seconds is fine for this application, but, in the future do you see a way to speed that up?
Its not my job to fix everything, just to get everything fixed.
No pitfalls, driver install is easy. Just follow the directions on the supported devices page. You'll have to specify what is at each input you want to monitor via a config file. If you have problems, just post here and we'll get them sorted out.

Overview....The driver supports the Ai32, AiO8, and Ai8R13. Sensors hook up via one wire to the input on the device, and one wire to the "ground" on the device....which means that a run of 22/4 wire can support 3 sensors, as they'll all share the common ground. You can also run with cat5 instead. There's quite a variety of sensors, especially temp, so you can usually find what you need for whatever application.

The datanab has RS485, so you to use the driver, you'll need a 485 to 232 adapter. They're cheaply available from ebay.

I've tried everything to speed up the dry contacts via the driver, but it's a hardware limitation. If you want instant via a Datanab, then the Ai8R13 has high speed counters...maybe that will suffice. Otherwise, you'll have to get something that has digital inputs.

If you're looking for something with inputs AND outputs, I believe that'd be the Ai8R13...I think it has 8 analog inputs and 13 relays. I think it also has the high speed counters on it, so it's pretty handy.
Thanks for the info re Datanab, where is a good place to find sensors to connect to this unit, I am looking to read temp, fluid levels, ph, chlorine, wind and so on. Any pointers would be great.
Its not my job to fix everything, just to get everything fixed.
Well, up to now I've gotten all my sensors from toymaster's site. I'm not sure where else to get them from.

I'd imagine the datanab can probably handle a variety of brands of sensors...but I am no expert by any stretch on what specs the sensors have to have to work right with it.
Thanks for the pointer, looks great but still looking for level sensors (as in how full a tank is) and also for linear movement sensors (actuators) or rotary sensors as well as ph and acid, any ideas.
I know its a big ask but....
Its not my job to fix everything, just to get everything fixed.
Well, I've been impressed with how many sensors for the datanab there were already.... but I'm not sure any I/O device has that many varieties of sensors. More likely if you can find a sensor to do that (I know there's been a discussion over on cocoontech about water tank level sensors), you might find it will work as a voltage input to the Datanab. Also, the Ai8R13 has a high speed counter, which would work for a rotary sensor....but of course you'd still need the sensor itself.

If all of this sensor'ing is part of some larger system (for example, a pool), there are devices built for that all-in-one. Otherwise, I have no source for atypical uses for the Datanab haven't been near that demanding. Your search might be better served over on cocoontech, since there's a much greater breadth of knowledge there. And again, if you can actually FIND the sensor, then there's a pretty good chance the datanab can utilize it somehow.
Did you ever find another source for datanab-compatible sensors? Just curious.

I'm gonna need some humidity sensors soon....

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