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Itunes Repo and Album Artwork BOTTOM LINE
Hi all
I was wondering on this artwork problem, with ver. 8 ¨can it be done¨
I have tried right click get info artwork then selecting artwork file of a folder called artwork and still does'nt show in the cqc browser, I have noticed that M4a files have artwork showing and any Itunes purchases and of course the old favorite Ashe Duo, which come free with windows.

also if I just install 7 back on will the problem be solved or do I have to re-new files or del etc. I'll let the posts that come in give instructions.
I came to the conclusion that it can't. So I now use the File tag browser driver, point it to the Itunes database, put a album artwork jpg file in the itunes album folder with the mp3's, remove all non ID3 tags using goldleomp3tageditor, and within Itunes convert ID3 tags to ver 2.2 It's a bit of work, but it's fool proof, and you can utilize the same datbase. I now see all my covers.
Once we get into the later stages of the 2.5 beta, when I'm not on the big picture stuff and have to limit what I do to peripheral things, I'll take a look at the iTunes 8 thing. For now, using the V7 would be the only viable iTunes option probably.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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