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[WTB] Sage HD Extender(s)
sorry if this question has been answered but what is the difference between the HD100 and the HD200.

Also, I know I have to have Sage running on a PC but does CQC have full control over the Extender?
The new CQC driver that Fonceur and Beez have been working on has complete control over the media extenders. I have it working with both an HD100 and an HD200 right now. I'd like to transition to two HD200s simply because the place where I have the HD100, it doesn't fit all that well. Its worth the $65 upgrade fee (assuming you tae the the HD100 for $135) for the WAF factor in this particular situation. Other question answered below.


Target Wrote:Well, I'll just reiterate that I'm willing to let mine go for $135 with the placeshifter license. Overall, I think its a great deal. These have no moving parts, so if it works for a year, chances are it will work for a lot longer than that. Differences between the HD100 and HD200 are fairly minimal. HDMI 1.3 complient for Blu-ray content, standalone mode, and form factor being the biggies. If you want that then, its worth the $200. To me, its worth $65 to upgrade, but it isn't worth $100. So, if you'd like an extender for $135 shipped, let me know. Overall, the package deal is probably a better deal for your first extender. I'd pick mine up if you need a second. I hate ebay and refuse to deal with it unless I have to.

Thanks for the reply, I have to think about the standalone option since I do not have Sage installed anywhere.
penngray Wrote:Thanks for the reply, I have to think about the standalone option since I do not have Sage installed anywhere.
Without SageTV installed, you won't be able to use the CQC driver to control the HD200 in stand alone mode...
hehe, that answers my next question Big Grin

Target, Im on a business trip this week so I can get funds into my paypal account. I would like to buy the extender from you but I can not do so until next monday. Is that okay?
Absolutely. I'm smashed with work until then anyways. Can't ship it before Tuesday morning.

penngray Wrote:Any more Extenders for sale? I think this is the path I need to take, I need more movie playback servers and I want to replace my PCs.
if you not hurry, i can sell 3, but i need time to buy hd200.
I can sell one @ $150 shipped.
Thanks Target, I will send you a PM next monday
Soon I will be selling my two HD100 extenders, but I'll wait until the current transactions are completed so I don't interfere, but I do have some questions. Can the SageTV server licenses be transferred? I searched the SageTV forums and it sounded like they could not be transferred. I will not need my SageTV server software and a Placeshifter license. Am I able to sell/transfer these? Also, are there "extender" licenses that must be used with an HD100?

I'm just wondering if there will be any problems if anyone buys my HD100s.

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