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Aprilaire 8870 Help needed...
I just installed an 8870. When I first installed it even though it said the heat was on, it actually wasn't. So I flipped Dip Switch number 4 from H/C to Ht. Pump since I am not sure what kind of system I have.

When I did that the heat came on for a few minutes but the -AUX lit up in the display after the word heat and the fan was still on but it was blowing cool air.

What does -AUX in the display mean? and how can I tell what I am supposed to set Dip Switch number 4 to?

Thanks in advance,
Heat pumps usually have an auxillary (probably electric) heat mechanism for extreme temperatures. If this were your case, your existing thermostat would most likely have an AUX light. You need to determine your heating mechanism and fuel (electric or fossil fuel).


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