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Sonos ZP100 (2) + CR100 (2)
Now that I've moved to the Duet setup I am selling my Sonos units. I have 2 ZP100s and 2 CR100s with docking cradles. I would greatly prefer to sell in sets of ZP100 + CR100 + cradle. I only have one original box for shipping one set. The other set will be carefully and safely packed for shipping.

Price : $450 for each combo + actual shipping + paypal fees
well, I might be interested in the 2 zp-100's, not sure I need any more controllers though, I already have 4, and I really only ever use the one in the kitchen...
NOTE: As one wise professional something once stated, I am ignorant & childish, with a mindset comparable to 9/11 troofers and wackjob conspiracy theorists. so don't take anything I say as advice...
I still have these for sale. PM me if intersted.

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