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Turn two lights on/off from 1 switch
Simple question that I can't seem to wrap my head around.

I have 2 lights, each with a single ZWave switch, that I would like to have associated with one another. When I turn one on (from either location) the other turns on as well. When I turn one off (from either location) the other does the same.

I've tried to tackle this using logic and triggers but it seems that whenever I try it the lights get stuck in an endless loop of turning each other on and off.

Any examples or ideas on how this could be done?
I've done this by putting them in a group together - not via CQC. Are you using a leviton remote to set up the network or something else?

George M
George M
I'm using Intermatic Homesettings switches and master remote which I believe don't support grouping like the more expensive ZWave switches.

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