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new method for making jriver playlists yet?
I read the method Nishan described a while back on making playlists but that is well beyond a regular user. Any hope of making playlists in jriver and accessing them in cqc in the near future?
Not in the near near future, no. You guys should bang on them to expose the playlists in the XML and it would then be fairly straightforward.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

The playlists are in XML format. They are just exported into a different xml file than the exported library file. My method for importing playlists is just to tack on the playlist XML file onto the regular library file. I agree, it would be a simple matter to inport the xml playlist files.

how about specifying a directory, and having all XML files in that directory gets imported by CQC? Then if we create a new playlist, all we have to do is export it to XML, hit the reload button, and we're done.
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