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Cleaning out the closet
Hey guys. Doing a little xmas cleaning. Trying to sell a few things I originally got to help me out with my audio system and CQC. I no longer need/use these. Before I go and put them up on ebay I thought I'd reach out to see if anyone here is interested.

Nokia n770, hardly used. Have the box and everything that came with it. Asking $80. SOLD

Fujitsu 3400 with wireless G card. Has windows 98SE on it. Asking $75.

Autopatch half-y. 8x4 audio/video matrix switcher. Hardly used once I installed the Nuvo GC. Asking $50.

Speakercraft BB1265. Powerful 12 channel amp. Works great. Hardly used since I wound up with a Nuvo GC. No set price. Goes for $1500-$2000 new.

I'll listen to all reasonable offers. Would rather sell to a fellow CQCer before putting them up on ebay. I can provide pictures and serial numbers. S&H tbd based on what it costs. Send me a PM with any questions/offers.
Still have the n770? If so can you let me know what shipping to 80222 would be?
potts.mike Wrote:Still have the n770? If so can you let me know what shipping to 80222 would be?

Looks like it's in the neigborhood of $7 for standard parcel post. I'm guessing it's 3lbs but possibly less. I should have included my zip = 07450. I'll get an official number later today hopefully. Send me a PM if you're interested.
Nokia sold. Still have the other 3 left. Happy new year everyone.

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