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Could not build graph - CQSL Audio Player
I've read the other threads on this issue and tried to set the CQC App service logon as an Admin user but I still can't access music on a networked drive.

The network drive is mapped as M:\
I have WMP11 and can access the music on the M: drive through that
It works if I use a local version of music so I know it's not the player

I've tried to put an xml file for J-River and DVD Profiler on the shared drive and use a driver on the local PC and it won't connect to that. It must be something to do with access to the shared drive, but I've tried the other tips and nothing is working.
Our player is not running in your user account. Mapped drivers are specific to user accounts, so the player driver has no idea what M:\ is. You will have to share it via a directory share, and use a UNC type name when you load the driver, e.g. \\SomeHost\SomeShare. Then it shoudl work.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
OK, I was hoping it wouldn't come to that but I'll reimport my music using a UNC name.


Edit: Just tested with a few songs using a UNC name to my music, set the logon for the CQC App Service and it's working.
Old thread but I'm still getting some strange behaviour in this.

Every time I reboot the master server I get the filter graph error from my remote IV's when I try and play any albums. The only way I can fix it is to open the CAB interface through the cqc admin interface on the master server and play an album. Then I can play albums from any of the remote IV's.

The tracks are mapped from J-River using \\Media\media\my music\etc...

Also, one other question, each time the xml export is done from J-River to CQC, will it change the cookie ref of albums if I add new albums?
I have no idea what that would happen. I assume the audio player is running on the master server? You may want to create a new administrative user accounta nd set up the CQC server on that machine to log into that account. It may not have some right required to load a filter or something.

On the cookies thing, yes, they could change every time. There are only persistent cookies in our repository because of this.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Yes, the audio player is running on the master server. Do you mean set up a new XP Admin account or a new CAC admin account?
A new XP admin account. Then set up the CQC service to log in on that account. You can also set up desired TTS settings on that account as well, so that CQC will use those settings since they are the defaults for that account.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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