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Venstar Insteon Thermostat and Other Newbie Questions
I invested more money in Insteon to try the new HouseLinc 2 and the new Serial interface. Definately not impressed. It takes hours and hours to "synchronize" and the RemoteLinc never does say "synchronized". What shows on the screen for a button is not happens when it's pressed, no matter how many times the device is "refreshed" and has its "database records read".

I have come to the conclusion that Insteon is fine for the homeowner that wants a couple of switches and a timer, but not going to do anything serious for whole-home scenarios.

I am reluctant to spend more $$ on the ISY-99, since really smarthome's software or even a driver should be able to do everything the ISY does...

I might try resetting all of my devices to factory default and adding them in one at time, but other than that, I don't think I can really use Insteon.
I ordered a small group of UPB components. I'm going to try these things out in a fairly busy part of the house and see how it works for my needs. If I can manage to get the satisfaction I'm looking for, I'll push it through the rest of the house and sell my Insteon stuffs at firesale (aka IVB) prices. I'm not buying an ISY-99 or any other pieces. Enough is enough.


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