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Group Buy - ELK M1GSYS4
Perhaps if Homecontrols is offering the same unit at $450 to account holders they would offer it at that price for a bulk purchase.
I'm about to pull the trigger on one of these right after Christmas, so if anyone gets a group buy together in the next week or so, count me in. I'm new here and don't really know anyone, but do have a valid Paypal account, so I'd like in if possible.
check out or message the guys from automated outlet. they both seem to be able to do better then what I could do on a group buy..
I'm interested if your still working on a group buy.
i'm interested though i think this boat may have set sail
ahreno Wrote:i'm interested though i think this boat may have set sail
The upshot is that there are a few distributors who will give serious DIYers the same general pricing that a group buy would get us; and that it's therefore probably not worth the hassle.
I would check with Worthington. They have pretty good prices anyway, deal with DIY, and likely will give you a better price for a higher number. Its worth a try at least:
I realize this thread is old, but wanted to provide some updated stores for people who are looking.

In case you can't get dealer status at Worthington or others, you can pick the Gold system Elk M1GSYS4S at both and for $483 or without the can for $472. I've googled both stores, and they both have pretty decent reviews.

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