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Group Buy - ELK M1GSYS4
Would anyone be interested in a group buy on the ELK ELK-M1GSYS4?

I was looking to get a elk system for myself as a early holiday gift/winter project. Based on what I have seen others use I was looking at the ELK-M1GSYS4 or ELK-M1GSYS4S

One of my electrical distributors is a ELK distributor. The best price I have seen seems to be around $655. My suppliers price is around $540, think I can do them for $555 including paypal fees and shipping.

Anyone have an interest, assuming that $555 is a good price?
It looks like my supplier run about $640. I would be interested in getting in on the deal.

How many do you have to get?
Brian - a long time user that rarely messes with the system now
Other systems used:
SageTV w/ cablecard tuner & multiple extenders for viewing
BlueIris and IP cameras for CCTV
Incredible PBX for home phone
I would need to get at least 3.
I'm definitely interested in one.

I prefer the low profile keypad in the ELK-M1GSYS4S

I would also like the Ethernet adapter. (ELK-M1XEP?). I think this is required to be able to use an Ipod/Iphone with the Elk.

Also - I'm not sure about the case. Is the case that comes with this kit big enough to host the kit, but still have room to add some expansion modules (zone/serial expanders + ethernet interface)

FYI, the site shows a price of $450
$450... wow.. based on that I will hold up on any group buy. If figured my suppliers price was decent but that is really good.

I had also posted a similar message on the cocoontech board and Martin of automated outlet took the time to email me to message them when ready to buy.

I recommend others on the fence do the same as they seem to take an active interest in home automation forums. The $656 price shown is the minimum advertised price enforced by elk. sounds like they can do better based on his email.
Since other prices have already been mentioned, I'll add that it appears that most distributors can sell to dealers in the $440 to $450 range, I could buy through my channels at that kind of price (plus tax and shipping) for 1-off purchases.

I think it might still be worth putting together a group buy if one of the distributors (such as AO or homecontrol) is willing to negotiate another 5 or 10% for a quantity purchase.

I have been toying with the idea myself, but will probably have to wait until January; and my prioritize my RCS zone controller first; but if you do a group thing, keep me on the interested list.

I just checked home controls and could not find it there for $450. It was $645 when I viewed the following link

If you do happen to find some kit around that price, or organize a group buy let me know.

Especially if it is with someone reputable such as AO.

I'm also looking for a Nuvo Grand Concerto, a Panasonic AE3000 and a bunch of other stuff for a new house I'm building.

For now I'm just compiling a shopping list. I figure if I get it all compiled I'm bound to find someone to do a good deal.

The one item I have trouble pinpointing online is the d-box theater equipment. That's one thing i'd love to put in.
I realise that it mightget complicated, but if a group buy does happen, and one of you US guys is feeling generous with your time, I'm after an ethernet board for my elk, but if i import it i'll have to pay vat and duty on it. if anyone wanted to add it to the group buy and send it as a gift, I'd be very grateful !

dsiroky Wrote:I just checked home controls and could not find it there for $450. It was $645 when I viewed the following link

oops. I have an account with home controls and apparently I was logged in automatically without realizing it. I thought I was posting their standard price.

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