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WTB: Receiver
I am looking for a new receiver (my HK AVR-635 has died).
  • I need it to be rs-232 controllable by CQC (would prefer not to have to write a new driver).
  • component video switching (3 inputs)
  • decode DD and DTS

thanks for anyone that might have or know where I can find something like this cheap!
You don't mention a budget, so it's hard to recommend.

I just purchased a Denon 2809CI, MSRP $1200, and it meets all the requirements you listed. I am using the Denon 2808CI driver and it is working well. There may be some new features that are not implemented in the driver, but I have not needed them so far. Mostly set during initial setup and not changed later.
Larry in Denver
i am hoping to find something for less than $400. I already have 2 processors for my main rooms (theater and living room) this is just for a bedroom (I do have 5.1 speakers in there...)
I've picked up several Integra receivers off E-bay and never paid more than $400 for any of them. Actually the $400 price was what I paid for a new DTR-6.4. THe other's I have bought have been used and I don't think I've been willing to pay more than $200 for those.

Just read the discription carefully and ask the seller questions about the functionality (ie does it work).

My best buy was for a DTR-6.5 that the owner destroyed the control knob on. It made the receiver unable to accept most local commands (vol, etc) since there was no way to change it without the knob. Works perfectly with serial control however. I think I paid $50 for that one. So you may not have time to be that patient to wait for the perfect deal, but you would be surprised at the deals out there.

For example here is a DTR 5.3 and CD player for $150 BIN. That is only a 5.1 receiver, but is a good receiver with serial control and a CQC driver.
Brian - a long time user that rarely messes with the system now
Other systems used:
SageTV w/ cablecard tuner & multiple extenders for viewing
BlueIris and IP cameras for CCTV
Incredible PBX for home phone
You can also check out Audiogon. There's always a ton of great stuff over there. I got a Denon 3804 (MSRP $1200) for $300. Its been working like a champ.

audiogon has a Yamaha RX-V1700 (last year model I think) for $400.
I bought an open box RX-2500 at the end of model season for cheap at Tweeter. Funny thing was that it didn't have a remote but I was putting it in a rack so I got an extra discount PLUS they went and found a remote after the fact and mailed it to me. You might consider getting something to hold you over until you can get what you want in that fashion.


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