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Changing A Screens Background Image
I have a main screen that has an image in it, then I use an overlay to switch between screens. I'd like to have a screen that would give me a choice of a few different background images. So, is there a way to programatically change the main image in my main screen, or should I just make multiple main screens, each with a different embedded image, and just swap between these main screens? Multiple main screens is fine, but its a bit of a maintenance headache, or can you have multiple overlays on a screen, as long as they don't overlap?
Start with this thread at post #54. This would be a good candidate for the How-To section.
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The Intf.Viewer target has a command to set a new background image. So just put them into the image repository and have each button set the appropriate image on the viewer and it'll change immediately.
Dean Roddey
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