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Zoom Player 6
I did a search, but did not find anything.

I was wondering if anyone is using Zoom PLayer 6 with the cqc driver. are there any issues?
I'm using ZP6. I like it because it will run in fullscreen mode on my secondary monitor (the 50" plasma screen) while simultaneously allowing me to use the primary monitor (the touchscreen) to control my home systems. Something that TheaterTek did not like (any touch on the primary monitor would take TT out of fullscreen mode on the secondary monitor).

Unfortunately, the TCP interface running from CQC is not 100% stable. For instance, if while fast forwarding, you send a pause from CQC, ZP6 will hang and you will need to kill it and restart the CQC service to get going again. Other actions will also hang it, but that is the most reliable. If you are willing to be gentle and restart periodically, it does work though.


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