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Controlling devices that use HDMI-CEC
I've been in the market for a new TV recently, and I have noticed that my options with a RS232 port are diminishing. Instead, I have been learning about the HDMI-CEC functionality that TV manufacturers are building in that will allow you to control other components through your TV.

I found a decent article on it here:

My question is, if this is the direction that component control is moving toward, what is the likelihood that we will be able to still use CQC to send commands to components? I suppose in the future there may be a PC video card with HDMI outputs that supports this, but what about those of us who use component video? And to complicate it a little more, what about those of us who send the video through a matrix switch first?

Please tell me that if I buy a new TV, I am not going to have to string an IR emitter across the room and stick it to a beautiful new TV....
I'd not assume that this is the way that component control is going. There have been so many of these things that ended up going nowhere. I'd stick with the known workables for now.

And does the TV itself allow itself to be controlled, or does it assume it's the controller?
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
First, the CEC option has recieved very little support in the industry as it has only shown thus far with such a limited command set as to be near useless (Wow, volume control). It's also reported to be about as reliable as HDMI 1.1. It's another example of vendors using consumers as beta testers. As for the matrix switch issue, there's only one or two valid HDMI switches available now, and just released at that, that can actually handle HDCP and they only do that via the first display to connect to any given output. That's a nightmare waiting to happen as people connect to displays with various native resolutions, etc. While it may be in our future, I, for one, think CEC is waaayyyyyyyy out.
This has been discussed here before - do a search to see what was said previously.

There will be a push soon to get more control that is standardised across all manufacturers soon. I think it is a great idea as long as we can use a PC to control as well.

There are still a lot of options out there for flat panel TVs with RS-232 support. There are not a lot of drivers that are officially supported yet, but there are a lot of drivers in development that really need to get into the CQC releases.

I've just bought some LG TVs and they are serial controlled. I already have some Sharp TVs and they are serial controlled. I know some of the upper end Sony's have serial control and I think some of the Samsung do too.

So I think you can find a TV that fits your needs and is serial controlled. You just need to make serial control at the top of your wish list and limit your select to those IMHO.
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