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Samsung HLxxA750 DLP Beta Driver
kblagron Wrote:One thing that would be nice to have is the PIP commands. Not sure if your TV has it, but mine does.

Thanks for the work on it!

I have added in the PIP commands. I am working with an older protocol document for these, so the PIP inputs may need be added on to or adjusted some. Let me know if any changes need to be made.
I will take a look at it tonight, I have been having some serial port issues, but I think I am progressing forward on that now. Thanks for the addition, I will let you know how it works.

I had a chance to check out the new version, and unfortunately, it does not work for my PIP control in the 2007 series.

After trying out the driver, I took a look at it in the protocol driver harness. It is accepting the commands, but the TV doesn't respond. I did find two small bugs in the protocol looking at the code, even though it didn't work:

1. PIPPosition references PIPSize
2. PIPAirCable references PIPSize

both looked to be typos.

The only other thing I saw that should probably be changed was that PIP and PIPSwap should be Boolean rather than Card.

Since I couldn't get it to work using the driver, I looked at it with a serial sniffer, and all commands give back the Fail packet 0x03 0x0C 0xFF except the PIP command, which gives back a success packet 0x03 0x0C 0xF1, however, it doesn't switch the TV into PIP mode even after showing success.

I am guessing my TV did not include these commands into the 2007 series of the TV's.

It looks like the protocol you referenced was for the 2005 series of the Samsung DLP's, so I guess it would be your choice to leave the PIP control in or not.

One thing that would be helpful in this driver is if we could have a read field showing whether the command was successful or not (say CommandSuccess) since the TV will give you that information back via the 0xFF or the 0xF1 packet return. For reference, the DTV Gen II driver does something similar with the Set channel command.

Thanks for putting this driver together, it works flawlessly on my TV (outside of the PIP commands :-) )
This driver works with my 2010 55" Samsung LED TV, power on, off, input select, TV control etc.

So in this driver the fields are set to write only because it is one way, there is no way (that has been found) to query the status of the Samsung TV. There is an acknowledgement back from the TV when it has processed the command correctly, don't know yet if this driver picks that up.

My question is this, when I go to add any of the control fields to a template nothing shows up as an option for the driver. So for example, power is a boolean but it does not show up as a controllable field, what is missing and needs to be changed to make this work? I'm on 4.0.x (don't remember if I bumped up to a .x)

Also I do know that if I pick a function that my TV does not understand the driver wacks out and will stop accepting commands until it is paused and restarted.

Dean I get an error when I try to load this driver into the development harnas, something along the lines of "drivers must contain macro langage" I'm at work and doing that from memory. I have the manefest copied to the user directory, what would cause this error?

I want to track this open to see how the error handling / buffer flushing is occuring (if any)

That would generally mean that it's either a C++ or PDL driver, presumably a PDL driver in this case. So you would need to use the PDL test harness to work on it. If you open the manifest file in an editor you can see what PDL file is references. But that would also mean the things you are interested in looking at are not under your control in this case, though there are some useful settings that might help.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Hi Dean,

Found out from Jay that this is PDL and he was kind enough to provide the source to me. The question I still have is why are the fields showing up in the field browser but not as fields that can be changed in a template or elseware?

I am assuming that the driver works under older versions of CQC as there are others using it but at some point something change with CQC (I'm guessing here) and the driver fields are no longer accessable. In the IV Editor I can see the driver in the list but there are no field choices to manipulate...

Is the driver in online state at that point? Are all the fields write only or something like that?
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Dean Roddey Wrote:Is the driver in online state at that point? Are all the fields write only or something like that?

Driver is online and they are defined as write only. Driver is one way as Samsung control I/O appears to be completely brain dead so reading is a problem in it's initial state but not a problem to update.

So I would assume that the widgets you were attempting to create required readable fields, and so they weren't presented at options?
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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