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I can't seem to get it. OK, so I have watched the tutorials. I've read the support doc's. Great. It's time to get to business. So in Dean's tutorial on the install he just casually states that you create a new directory and unzip the file there. He then starts ripping in the command prompt window in some CQCInst directory. Um, what? How do I create a new directory? Do I have to study DOS basics just to get started? So, I saved the zip file to a new folder under My Documents and attempted to open the CQCSetup file from there and all that happens is the command prompt window opens for a split second and then disappears. I'm frustrated as it seems I have to be a born again virgin to just get, please.
Disregard. I failed to unzip it first. I guess I must be a bit trigger happy.
I was a minute too late...
jump in the chat room if you want any live assistance.
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