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how to downgrade a q1 to xp?
i have a samsung on vista and the IV seems really slow. i would like to see if moving back down to xp makes it faster but i am not really sure how i would do that since it has no dvd drive.

You will have to buy a USB DVD drive. You will also have to download all the Q1 XP drivers and have them ready to go to install after the initial XP installation. If there are any drivers that are required during the installation, you'll have to slipstream them into a custom XP installation disk and use that instead of the MS XP disk.

I had thought about doing this will my Q1, but decided it was too much effort and instead concentrated my efforts on making Vista run more efficiently. There are some good sites out there that will walk you through this process.
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Get NTLite, which is a tool that makes it VERY easy to create customized XP installation discs with drivers already in place.
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The program is NLite. Another good site to consult is MSFN Unattended Windows.
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Oops, sorry. I was thinking Windows and NT popped up instead of N.
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