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FS: X-10 items
In the course of a little weekend cleanup I came across the following X-10 items:

Leviton DHC Dimmer HCM06 - used - (8) - $20 each
These are 600 watt dimmers, but to install them in a multi-gang box you need to break off the heat dissipating tabs, which derates the load capabilty. One has all tabs intact and is thus still 600w, two have been derated to 500w, and five have been derated to 400W.

Leviton DHC Slave MS00R-1 - used - (2) - $15 each
These are companion/slave switches for 3-way applications.

Leviton DHC On/Off HCS10 - used - (1) - $30
This is a 10 amp on/off (non-dimming) switch.

Leviton DHC Coupler/Repeater HCA02 - used - (1) - $50
This is a wired-in coupler/repeater to bridge the 2 phases in the electric panel.

PCS 8-button keypad SMST8 - New - (3) - $50 each
These are 8 button transmitters that can invoke scenes in PCS x-10 switches or just send regular x-10 commands.

All of the Leviton items are the "red line", which means they have the single LED at the bottom, not multiple on the left side, and are 1-way, not 2-way. When used the HCA02, all worked great, I just wanted 2-way capability. All switches/kepyads are almond color and if I ever had color replacement kits, I can't find them now.

The HCA02 was just removed over the weekend - it is working fine.

The SMST8s were never used - I bought them when I had the X-10 stuff installed and was controlling it with HS.

Thanks for looking


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