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Universal Devices ISY Insteon Driver
That's not too likely. I mean, they could, but that would mean not being able to expose various bits of functionality that any given Z-Wave module can optionally support. They probably wouldn't be willing to do that.

If we can gather sufficient info to be able to interpret the Z-Wave unit specific report that gives info about what stuff that module reports, then we should in theory be OK, though it will likely always be some subset of all of the possible things that could be reported.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
so these commands no longer work on 5.0.4. i read the SDK docs for that version and the URL has changed from 'info' to 'def'.

this is what i needed to enter for my lock:


<nodedef id="UZW0003" nls="111">
<st id="ST" editor="ZW_LOCK_STS_2"/>
<st id="USRNUM" editor="_70_0_R_0_30"/>
<st id="BATLVL" editor="_51_0_R_0_100"/>
<st id="ERR" editor="ZW_ERR" hide="T"/>
<cmd id="ALARM">
<p id="" editor="_15_0_S_3D8FBD4"/>
<cmd id="LOCK"/>
<cmd id="UNLOCK"/>
<cmd id="QUERY"/>
<cmd id="SETTIME"/>
<cmd id="CONFIG">
<p id="NUM" editor="_107_0_R_0_255"/>
<p id="VAL" editor="ZW_CONFIG"/>

Dean Roddey Wrote:Oh, it's not so obvious but it looks like they are just giving a relative URL in the examples but they are all relative to a base Z-Wave specific URL, so the real URL apparently is:


Looks like this might be a useful URL for you guys:


or whatever the Z-Wave node id is for the one you are interested in. This supposedly shows you any associations that the ISY knows about. Or, replace 'links' with 'all' to get all info.
do the needful ...
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OK, that one doesn't make so much difference since it's not being used yet anyway. Though it will be annoying if they've made lots of changes and we have to support both because obviously not everyone is going to just update their firmware.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
lots of chatter on the UDI forums about how the 'node infrastructure' has changed with the alphas. no idea what that means in real life, though. Big Grin

i was just posting since i have a different lock brand than Vivek.
do the needful ...
Hue | Sonos | Harmony | Elk M1G // Netatmo / Brultech
I believe they said in the latest alpha thread that they had to make those changes in order to accommodate things like keypads and other devices. It was a fundamental architectural change driven by that need.
Just to the Z-Wave bits, or to the general node description and change notification stuff?
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Here's a link to the full change log for the 5.x release. There are references to major changes to the "framework" in various posts in the 5.04 alpha thread.

Here's a link to the 5.0 wiki.

The Dev's seem quite responsive on the forum, perhaps you can get an email address and ask your questions directly or post on the forum. It would be good to get a start on getting ahead of this one if you intend on supporting it at some point
IVB Wrote:On the CQC side, I trigger off that inbound field. I created 1 variables driver field for each lock, boolean type. When new value of the inbound web server field=BackUnlock, set BackLock field = False. When field=BackLocked, set field=True. Repeat for front door.

Want a screen grab of that?

I got this working with the trigger driver, Thanks.
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Hey JKMonroe, did you say the 5.x alpha breaks the CQC integration? Totally, or just some stuff?
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As far as I can tell, totally.

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