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FS: Insteon Items

After initially giving consent, the wife has subsequently vetoed Insteon as the lighting control solution in our house - basically she doesn't like the multiple LEDs on the SwitchLincs. As such, I have a few Insteon items available for sale. I'm starting with the ones I haven't installed, then will post the used ones when I swap them out.

Note that none of the items I'm posting now have been installed/used but I did swap out some faceplates. Also, prices exclude shipping since that will be a function of how many are shipped and how you want them shipped

Switchlinc Dimmer 2476D - unused - (9) - $35 each

3 of these have had the ivory paddle swapped for the white one and 6 of these are untouched, meaning they have the original white paddle on them. I have white and ivory paddles, so let me know what color you want and I'll swap as necessary.

Switchlinc Relay 2476S - SOLD

Icon On/Off 2876SB - - SOLD

Icon Dimmer 2876DB - unused - (3) - $25 each

2 of these have had the ivory paddle swapped for the white one and 1 of these is untouched, meaning it has the original white paddle on it. I have extra paddles, so let me know what color you want and I'll swap as necessary.

ControLinc 2430[/URL] - hardly used - (1) - $25

I used this for about 3 hours just playing around and then put it away.

I'll post the other stuff as I decommission it.


Edit - updated sold items
Before you sell them, Insteon has dimmers without the LEDs. Look at the Icon Dimmer (2876db). Also, the KeypadLincs are an option for dimming. I see you're selling some of them but they're nice themselves.

The problem is that life is a negotiation, and this particular one involved me agreeing to replace the switches and her agreeing to a plasma in the master bedroom.

As you can imagine, the day after we reached this compromise, I ordered the LG plasma :-), so now I have to live up to my end of the deal. As such - Insteon is out, HD ESPN is in.

Hopefully the next negotiation includes a surround sound setup ;-).

Edit - updated sold items
What color LED are the Icons?
The Icons have the amber LED.


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