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Extron 100 8x8 switch (and some other stuff)
Howdy all,

I am selling an Extron 100 8x8 video switch. I got it off ebay, and I haven't even hooked it up for video. I'm currently using it to switch audio, which it is doing very nicely with the CQC driver. I bought it to switch VGA video, and the BNC to VGA cables that I currently have don't reach! The back of the unit is broken up by color, so the red inputs are bunched on the left, and the V inputs are bunched on the right. Very annoying.

I think these go for about $500 on ebay. I'd really like to recoup my cost for the switch I just bought as a replacement, so I'm going to put it up to the community for $350 shipped. I wish I could offer it for less, but I have a lot of projects going, and cash is tight. I'll probably put it up on ebay in a week or so if there are no takers.

Incidentally, I have two other items for sale. The first is a brand new sealed ipod touch. 8 gigs. These are going for $300. I can let it go for $225 plus shipping. Surely someone wants this.

Last, I have a Nokia 770. Slightly used, but all original stuff that it came with and in perfect condition. I can do this for $100 plus shipping.

I am interested in the Nokia N770. How much to ship to Canada?

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