Poll: What are you using for lighting control with CQC?
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7 6.14%
Clipsal C-Bus
10 8.77%
15 13.16%
Lutron Grafik Eye
3 2.63%
Lutron Homeworks
5 4.39%
Lutron RadioRA
8 7.02%
24 21.05%
Vantage Q Series
1 0.88%
19 16.67%
5 4.39%
ALC Lighting
4 3.51%
I Don't Do Lighting
6 5.26%
Other (Please List Details)
7 6.14%
Total 114 vote(s) 100%
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[NEW] Lighting Control Poll
Personally I am always interested in learning about what others are doing. The other sidfe of the coin is that making people aware of what has been done only helps CQC secure its place as an integration system in the home.
Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home
Using C-Bus in my home for lighting, audio, weather information and irrigation systems. Was using a Wiser unit and Homegate on a touchscreen but found them both too limiting to control the rest of my gear. Still in the process of doing my CQC system.
So here is something I was able to do with lighting - I ordered a new wall mounted touchscreen as my old one was starting to get black around the edges after a few minutes on. Anyway - It was sent via UPS, delivered Friday. I was expecting it Monday, so didn't look online until Monday. When I found out it was delivered Friday - UPS said it was left at front door - I looked but it wasn't there.

Since I have a motion detector controlled by Elk at my door, it triggers an event that turns on the Insteon lighting after dark (delivery was at 6:35pm). I reviewed my camera archive, and saw that the light never came on, meaning no one came to the door (plus we were home). When I went and did my claim on UPS for a missing package, I could document all of the above. Now maybe it is a coincidence, or maybe it was delivered to a neighbor, but about 3 hours later, it miracously showed up on my doorstep.
I like that! It's always a feel-good when you get some really solid benefit from all the work it takes setting up these systems!

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