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Lutron Homeworks Button Press
I seem to be having difficulty all the time.... here is the latest:

Lutron Homeworks IP setup with a Client Driver that has one button and one led.

Here is the issue, when I setup an event, i set the filter to do the following:

Is User Action From
Field: lutron (my moniker)
Comp Value: ButtonRelease (for some reason ButtonPress doesn't work)

When I only have this filter, everything passes and the action is actually performed.

However, when I add a second filter with logic set to All True:
Is This User Action
Field: ButtonRelease
Comp Value: Spa (the Name I assigned to the Button in the client driver)

The filter doesn't pass and the action is not performed. Even when I only have the second filter by itself it doesn't work.

So I am not sure what I am doing wrong. It seems "ButtonPress" identifier and the button "Name" is never recognized. Anyone run into this?

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