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Official 2.5 Beta Thread
So now that 2.4 is out, here is the official thread to discuss any issues you have with 2.4 that need to be fixed or ideas about 2.5 and so forth.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
The Denon/Marantz blu-ray player docs and the DataNAB/Modbus docs are now up there. For the latter I created a new Sensors and I/O Modules category since it didn't fit into anything else. And there are some others like that as well so best to go ahead and create the right caetgories, like Brightan's CAN network if he decides to go official with that.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
And the SageTCP docs are updated.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
It all looks good Dean, thanks!

now the most important question...when do we get a 2.5 sneak peek??
Oh, it's already done. I'm just going to be hanging out for a few months and then I'm going to release it :-) But seriously folks, in terms of big ticket items that we think have to be in this release, some would be:

Driver Pause/Reconfig. The ability to pause/play drivers so that they don't have to be removed in order to get them to shut up for a bit has been on the list for a long time. It was on 2.4 and got bumped. And the same for the ability to just reconfigure a driver in place without having to remove and reload it.

Logic Server. This was also on 2.4 but got bumped at user request for other things. But it could solve so many problems in such a generic way that it's really important to get this done.

Picture Support. We want to get support for pictures into the CQSL media repository and hence to add support for that in the interface viewer system. Once that's there, then probably we could come up with some 'file tag' type of repository drivers for existing picture repositories created by other programs. It seems like a trivial thing but it's a big driver for some people. And it would offer up the ability to then do things like have the blanker be a screen/saver slash random picture shower.

Taskbar Tray Program. We are looking at combining the App Control Server along with a status monitor and service control program, all done as a tray type program in the task bar. That would provide a lot of consolidation of various things into one easily accessible interface.

Third Party Client Side Drivers. This is an ambitious one and may get bumped because it's going to be so hard and will take so much time. If the bullets start flying thick, we may have to dump this one and run and save it for the next release. But it would be such an enormous benefit and make the product so much more professional in those cases where configuration of a driver is required.

Static Horz/Vert Browser. I.e. h/v list browsers that aren't connected to anything, you just load them with whatever list of values you want. This would obviously vastly increase the programmability of user interfaces.

Magic IV Driver. There are so many ways in which you need fields to control things in your interfaces, but you want them to be per-IV instance. So we need to create a magic local driver that lives in the IV but otherwise looks just like any other driver. You can just use action commands to add fields to the driver OnLoad of the top level interface. Then you can read/write them just like any other driver, and without any network overhead. This would solve so many current issues that would otherwise require various ad hoc solutions.

Dedicated Client. This is another that might end up too ambitious to actually finish in 2.5, even if we manage to start it. But the thinking is, a more fixed function type of graphical client that is nice and fancy a la Media Center, but which is extensible in controlled ways. So it would have a built in understanding of how to browse media repositories for music, movie, and picture browsing and ripping, but you could extend it by defining new entries in the list of selections, which would load a new page and use a CML macro you've written to define the contents and react to the user pressing things on that page and so forth.

So you could use that to provide various simple interfaces for controlling lights and theater equipment and such. A primary reason for wanting to do this is so that if we hook up with more media companies like Vidabox, we'd like to be able to offer them a solution like Media Center, which is our own and tightly integrated into CQC but also simple to deploy and extend. That would allow us to provide them a standard solution that they could use.

This needs to be thought out more definitely. Maybe it's still the interface viewer, but we provide a super-media widget that can do all that stuff, and then the extensibility is via the usual interface viewer system. So you can plop one of these on a template and have a simple media browser in one fell swoop and if that's all you want, then you are done. Otherwise you can just integrate into a large set of templates or something like that. Or, it could be the other way around. Maybe it's a standalone app, but the means of extension is by way of templates that you create and it can display.

XML Support in CML. This obviously needs to happen. We have more devices that are returning XML, or the new HTML that meets XML syntx rules, and this would allow them to parse that content efficiently. We already have the underlying XML parser, we just need to expose it via CML.

Anyway, there are other things on the list and various smaller things will inevitably be thrown in as time allows. But those are the largest ticket items we are looking at for 2.5. All of them would obviously be really good additions. Some I'm not mentioning because we don't know if we'll be able to do them or not.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Dang! Woot!
Woot +1

That is an ambitious list and includes 3 or 4 really big things that I have been waiting on. So no 4th Holiday for you Dean, we want you getting a good head start on 2.5.
Brian - a long time user that rarely messes with the system now
Other systems used:
SageTV w/ cablecard tuner & multiple extenders for viewing
BlueIris and IP cameras for CCTV
Incredible PBX for home phone
SendPOST documentation isn't correct. Docs show 10 parameters but it is asking for an 11th parameter of type "LinesList" (I'm using that is InHdrLines) when I use it.
I have a request (already!). I constantly have issues with phantom other words, about 3 different versions of a single driver showing up when I "Select a Driver to Load". I know it's my fault, and it's because of my driver developing, I make different copies of the drivers (dev, release, justforfun, etc).

Is there any way that in the Driver Information window when selecting a driver, it can give a path to the .manifest file responsible for the entry??

When picking a field when creating an event, only show the fields that you have set a trigger on or distinguish them (e.g. make them bold or make non-triggered fields italics). It is too easy to pick a field and then forget you haven't actually set up a trigger on that field and wonder why things aren't working.

This also happens a lot when I unload a driver and re-load it but forget to go in and set up all the triggers again but hopefully this won't be an issue once you have a pause/resume on drivers.

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