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2.4 Exception in Driver Harness When Loading Macros
This is a small one, but when you navigate up the directory tree too far (Past MENG) in the Driver Test Harness when trying to load a macro file you get an unhandled C++ exception:


"The passed macro path was not fully qualified. Path="

I realize navigating past that point is not allowed.
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That error has been there for a really long time and has been reported several times. I'm not sure why it has never been fixed though.
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It's not been fixed because it would require a fairly fundamental change to do so, due to the design of the whole file browsing framework that's used for remote and local file browsing. Given that it actually doesn't prevent anyone from doing anything or cause any loss of work or anything, it's remained fairly low on the list until there's some other reason to get into all that stuff that would be more worth the effect and potential for bugs.
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