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Anyone interested in creating Homevision driver?
I have been building a CQC system (still have a long way to go). My original intention was to replace the Homevision system already in place. But then I got to thinking that is dumb since HV is a good unit. It already had X10, IR, IO in, IO out, Macros, etc.

So now I am looking to see if someone is willing to develop a driver to control HV through CQC. That way I can keep what I have and add the new things to it - i.e. ELK M1, Zwave, etc. I have searced here and looked at all the "in process" drivers and do not see any mention of it.

It is controlled via simple serial commands. I am going to try to attach the .pdf of the serial protocol. If I'm not able to attach it I can PM it.

I tried the generic serial trigger driver but could not get it to work at all.

I will also add this request to the Beta Request thread

Thanks for concidering it.

George M

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I really think I'm writing some drivers that no one will ever use but I have a Homevision-Pro unit that I intend writing a PDL driver for (assuming it can be done effectively in PDL- never done CML/OOP). My other option is to get a Omni-pro in its place but I'm going to give writing a driver a shot over the next few months.

As I only have the HV-Pro unit, if theres anyone around with the HV standard unit and would be willing to test it - it could be a big help. I have all the docs etc. so hopefully will get it close enough. Ill upload when I get around to it.


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