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Can't configure client PC through Admin client suddenly...
ok, will do.
Nope, no .LocalLog file in the cqc/bin/ directory on the offending client PC. Anything else to try before I reboot it?
..actually, there is no need it appears. It suddenly works again. I'm getting field browser fields from the drivers installed on that pc, and it's an option for configuring again.

Oh, actually if you rebooted first, it would have pulled any stuff out and sent it to the regular logs and deleted the file. It only uses the local log if it cannot connect to the log server. So you might want to check the logs for error messages from that machine.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
No, that's what I mean...I never rebooted it. I was going to to clear it up, but then I checked again, and suddenly it was working. So while the machine was up the entire time, it went from working normal, to no cqc controllability, to working again.

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