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[CML] FileInStream in Constructor
FileInStream is not a copyable class nor does it have a constructor which allows you to use another FileInStream to populate a member variable. So how do you pass a FileInStream into a constructor and copy it to a member variable so that it stays alive for the entire class?

I'm looking to do something like:

Constructor([In] FileInStream CSVFile)
        m_CSVFile := CSVFile;
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There's no way to do that. You'd pass in the information required to construct the file stream. That kind of thing is purposefully disallowed, i.e. the reason there are uncopyable classes, because then you could have two different objects referencing the same stream, and it could be a mess and hard to debug. So only those classes that only contain members (directly and indirectly) that are copyable are themselves copyable.
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