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Which CQC program ties up serial port
I am going to try a port sharing program, but I need to know which of the CQC services ties up the port so that I can give it access.
I'm not sure what you are asking about there?
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I figure it out. It is CQCDrvDev.exe. I need to know what executable is capturing the comm port so that I can set up the port sharing software. As it turns out, once I tell the port sharing software to share a port, it automatically detects when a program wants to use it and sets up the parameters.

It is pretty kewl stuff and is bi-directional.
Which piece of software is this? I'm currently juggling wires between ports depending on which piece of software I want to see a device.

If one program writes to the serial port does the other program get this as 'read' data?
This is what I am using and it seems to work. Just installed it, so I don't havee a lot of experience yet.
Thanks ... looks interesting but way too pricey for the benefit (which isn't helped by their payment processor who seems to think it is around 1997 and that $99 US = $153 Cdn)
Yeah... it is a bit pricey, but it lloks like it will fil my needs. I need it to share two ports; one between my weather station s/w and CQC, and the other between my lightning detction S/W and CQC.

I have actually had three progams sharing a port so far with the weather station s/w, CQC and a port monitoring peice of software.

The neat side benefit about it is I can use it when debugging drivers to watch what is going on with the port monitoring software when communicating with CQC.

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