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Need DVDProfiler Example for converting from MyMovies XML
Okay, I think I've about got this licked, a couple more things.

Just a confirmation for Changer Based discs Location should hold the moniker of the Changer. Slot should hold the slot number.

For file based discs. <Notes> should hold the information as indicated in the driver information.

One question, for the file based discs is there something special that needs to be in the location and slot fields or can they be empty?

Also what happens if both the notes fields and location/slot are populated?

Second question, it looks like DVDProfiler stores it's images in a IDf.jpg for front and IDb.jpg for the back cover. I know the DVDProfiler driver takes the location of the xml and the location of the images. When the media repository is loaded does it make a copy of the covers or does the repository just simply point to the existing covers?

The reason I'm asking is I'm going to have to write a program to copy the only myMovies cover and rename it to a DVDProfiler name. I'm just curious if the files I'm creating are going to stick around or if they are temporary for loading the repository or if they are referenced permanently.

Also is there a provision in the repository that during the media browser the covers are small, but then when selecting the cover, I can open a popup with a higher quality cover image?
If there is one online disc the format is


If there are more than one disc the format is


If there is just one movie will

work or if there is just one movie it can't have the D1?
I assume it would work with the D1. I don't see any reason why it wouldn't but then I often don't see things that are there, so I could be wrong (which I guess is better than seeing things that aren't there.)
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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