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Insteon Keypadlinc
Using Insteon and have a keypadlinc, which has 6 buttons on it. But I noticed it only has 1 address, as tried to link to the different buttons but got the same address. How do I go about having CQC see the buttons as different events so I can have them do different things in CQC?
Has no one had experience with Insteon with CQC and using the keypadlinc with the many buttons? Would really like to make CQC see the other buttons.
You should be able to link each of the buttons to the INSTEON PLM controller individually. That is, hold down the keypadlinc button until it goes into linking mode, then go tap the side button on the PLM controller. Repeat this for each button. Now, when you push a button it should generate an event in CQC, set the driver log to "Full" and you should see the event in the log being generated.
I did this but when looking in the devices.txt file I see that the button is just the same address as the main control button. So this does me no good.
Correct, you won't see the buttons as devices. There is only one device, but you will see in the event generated which group (1 through 6 for 6 button devices) generated the event from the device. You can then use the event logic in the event server to only do things based on a particular group/button press from the device.
Figured out how to add them. I need to create a seperate entry for each button in the scenes.txt file. Then reload the config and under each device which is now listed select Add Module, go to light control button and hold for 10 seconds and now they are linked. Just wasn't seeing in devices.txt file so couldn't figure it out. Devices.txt only listed the main button address for the keypadlinc.
Now that I have these buttons from my Keypadlinc added how do I go about adding triggers to them? I can add a trigger for the main button with a load but not for the buttons without a load. I would like to be able to press a button and have it turn off all the lights, set alarm, etc. But with no trigger I am not sure how to accomplish this.
Hmm, I think you have a link the wrong way though. Adding the buttons each as a scene would work to let you turn on/off the button light from the driver but you want to trigger CQC from the button in which case you probably did that in the first place by following my original message anyway so you are set. I don't have INSTEON anymore so all this is from memory :-)

Now, as you found, you can't use driver field triggers to do what you want because there are no driver fields that change when the button is pushed (as you determined) so instead what happens is the PLM driver sends out something known as "user" events to the CQC event system which you must use instead.

What you will need to do is go add a new triggered event handler,

1. Select the filter "Is This User Action"

2. In the "Field Name" field put the name of device as shown in the driver, e.g. if you called the Keypad device "MySwitch" in the devices.txt file then put "MySwitch" in the field.

3. In the "Comp Value" you need to copy the event data (you can find this when the driver is in full logging mode by pressing the keypadlinc button and watching the log) you want to match on. For example, for keypadlinc button 3 turning on, the event data is "Group#3=On"

Now, if all goes well and you have got the device name and the event data strings correct, CQC will now run that event when the PLM driver hears the action from the KeypadLinc.
Set that up and I can get 1 button to work sometimes and another button not at all. Looking in the log file this is what I see:

CQCKit, CQCKit_DriverBase.cpp.4214, API Failed/Not Found, Error: 2016/0/0
The value written to field Insteon.SIDEENTRYIN was rejected by the driver

CQCEventSrv, CQCEventSrv_ThisFacility.cpp.1570, Status/App Status
Scheduled/Triggered event 'Home button On' failed

If I look at the Item Details for the first one for the thread I see: CQCDrv_Javan-AudioPlayer_Thread0
??? Why is it pointing to that driver instead of the Insteon driver?
Can anybody help me out with this?

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